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    Mid­night Mesh

    20 June 2017

    Self-por­traits on my new cam­era.

    Not too long ago, I ven­tured into the unknowns of the Nikon world. Hav­ing pre­vi­ous­ly owned two Canon DSLRs, my deci­sion was guid­ed by noth­ing but pure curios­i­ty. I’ve nev­er quite under­stood the Canon v Nikon debate (or Apple v Android for that mat­ter). For me, if the item suits my needs, then that’s that. While it’s impor­tant to bear in mind that there is no real cor­re­la­tion between cam­era and qual­i­ty of images pro­duced, it’s cru­cial to have a piece of machin­ery that inspires one to shoot. As such, brand loy­al­ty aside, if said piece of machin­ery is lim­it­ing my work­flow in any way, then it’s time to move on. After notic­ing how much I began dread­ing shoot­ing due to the bulk­i­ness of my pre­vi­ous cam­era, I con­duct­ed some research by way of watch­ing YouTube videos and scrolling through Flickr images (of course) and end­ed up wel­com­ing a Nikon D750 into my ever-grow­ing fam­i­ly of cam­eras. So far, I’m super impressed by the qual­i­ty and speed of the thing. And it’s so much cheap­er and lighter than my pre­vi­ous cam­era.


    Here are some test self-por­traits I shot after class.

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