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    20 June 2017

    Self-portraits on my new camera.

    Not too long ago, I ventured into the unknowns of the Nikon world. Having previously owned two Canon DSLRs, my decision was guided by nothing but pure curiosity. I’ve never quite understood the Canon v Nikon debate (or Apple v Android for that matter). For me, if the item suits my needs, then that’s that. While it’s important to bear in mind that there is no real correlation between camera and quality of images produced, it’s crucial to have a piece of machinery that inspires one to shoot. As such, brand loyalty aside, if said piece of machinery is limiting my workflow in any way, then it’s time to move on. After noticing how much I began dreading shooting due to the bulkiness of my previous camera, I conducted some research by way of watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Flickr images (of course) and ended up welcoming a Nikon D750 into my ever-growing family of cameras. So far, I’m super impressed by the quality and speed of the thing. And it’s so much cheaper and lighter than my previous camera.


    Here are some test self-portraits I shot after class.

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