Mango Suede Backpack

18 September 2017

The latest backpack purchase, i.e., the millionth addition to my unhealthy collection of rucksacks.

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Featuring: Mango Suede Backpack

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I will be the first to admit that I am an aggressive hoarder of backpacks. It wasn’t until I recently compartmentalised my wardrobe that I realised I have an unhealthy amount of bags in general that I’ve collected since I was in high school; not that any of them needed replacement of any sort (although, there was one bag that had a public meltdown and decided not to zip). Much like my previous purchases, I had mulled over this suede rucksack from Mango for the longest time, to the point where it actually discontinued on the official Mango site. But, much to my relief, I discovered it a few nights ago tipsy while half doing my assignment and half surfing The Iconic site, and the bag happened to be on sale. If that doesn’t scream fate, I don’t know what does. And so here it is: the nth addition to my ridiculous amount of backpacks, of which most are black, so this brown one is somewhat justified.


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