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    A Week of Lounging

    2 October 2017

    A week of lounging at home to offset the severity of my Paris Fashion Week FOMO. Talking about the therapeutic nature of essay writing, wine, and Christmas.

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    This past week has consisted of me strenuously avoiding social media and masking my severe Paris Fashion Week FOMO by way of photo essay perusals with a glass of red. In the course of being a hermit, I somehow managed to write a large chunk of one of three major research essays I have due this coming month. Oddly enough, essay writing has become somewhat therapeutic. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve become so used to the routine of submitting several essays consecutively within the span of a few weeks that it’s exciting to write these remaining three before I graduate. Either way, I just wanted to update this space because I’m well aware that one week of non-update is the equivalent of ten years in Internet terminology.

    P.s. Christmas is near. My neighbours are playing Mariah Carey already, and I am quite okay with it.

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