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    Pair It: The Balenciaga Shopper Tote

    5 October 2017

    Introducing a new segment on this website where I pair high end items with affordable, everyday pieces.

    Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Balenciaga North-South Shopper Tote Bag Shopping Post

    Original photos: Farfetch

    Featuring: Balenciaga North-South Shopper Tote

    Pair it with: a white t-shirt (option 1: J.W. Anderson t-shirt or option 2: Bershka t-shirt), beige chinos (H&M cotton chinos), white sneakers (Adidas Stan Smiths).

    I came across this shopper tote a while ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it, not particularly because of its aesthetic qualities, but because it reiterated what fashion, and art in general, is supposed to do: to make people think about the piece itself, and question the status quo. I, for one, don’t chase after trends. I’m much more interested in the sentimental value of items, and the memories that they evoke every time I wear an outfit; and I find solace in knowing that other people feel the same way. For Leandra Medine, fashion isn’t about trends so much as it is about the personalities that people are able to assume by way of dressing themselves in different outfits everyday. So I guess my fascination with this tote in particular was: a) why? b) what is the shock factor in wearing this to the grocery store and c) if the answer to (b) is ‘very high’, then what type of outfit would this pair with such that I would stay true to my personal style while also confusing everyone else in said grocery store?

    This leads me to the entire point of this article, which is the introduction of a segment called ‘pair it’ in which I pair high and affordable, everyday pieces to create hypothetical stories that are relatable, because not everyone can afford a Balenciaga, Gucci, Thom Browne, Saint Laurent outfit everyday, or at all. Something that really resonated with me from Thom Browne’s SS18 show was its emphasis on fashion as a means of storytelling and make-pretend, and I guess this goes back to using clothing as a way to portray different facets of your personality, or even create one from scratch.

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