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    The Moth­er­land

    2 June 2017

    While a part of me prefers the vast land­scapes, beach­es and gold­en sun­light in Aus­tralia, some­thing about Hong Kong feels like home. It’s slight­ly uncom­fort­able but it feels famil­iar.

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    Liv­er­pool and Bank

    19 April 2017

    There is no lens wide enough and no string of elo­quence capa­ble of trans­fer­ring the scenic and emo­tion­al expe­ri­ence to one that sim­ply has not vis­it­ed the Unit­ed King­dom save for their pop­u­lar cul­ture sen­si­tiv­i­ty in appre­ci­at­ing films like Sher­lock Holmes or Har­ry Pot­ter.

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