Cogitations4 February 2017

Cogitations on non-linear time, ignorance-driven segregation and violence in our world today.

Jeffrey Chung 2016-11 Westminster Big Ben Time

This past month has consisted of me endlessly exclaiming how quickly time is passing. Half an hour before I decided to update this vacant digital space, I was recovering from the intricately full-circle* plot in Arrival and its proposition that time is not, in fact, linear. While learning heptapod is not the immediate call-to-action in this post, the underlying message in the film is one that resonates with what is happening in the world today. The film directly challenges our perspective of time, which tends to reduce our cognitive process to one that is narrow-focused and short-sighted. As it grapples with the science-fictional theory of being able to observe the future and comprehend the choices we make, it echoes a message of unity and hope. Rather than segregating the foreign, the story unfolds as the characters attempt to interact and converse with the unfamiliar.

Often, however, the most disconcerting ignorance-driven violence stems from the lack of understanding of our own kind. Take Negan in The Walking Dead as an example; the beginning of season 7 saw the living slaughtering one another during a zombie apocalypse (a rather abrupt reference, but nonetheless proves my point). Beyond the small and big screens, we’re in a period of severe marginalisation and divide. While we’re not amidst an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse, both of which speak directly to my choice of entertainment genre, it’s crucial to hold onto these sentiments, because change all starts from within. All of that just for me to welcome the new year for the first time on this platform. But also, don’t give up on hope.


* Yes, that was indeed a heptapod pun.

Jeffrey Chung 2016-11 Westminster Big Ben Time