An Afternoon in Brighton

Personal29 October 2017

The most tranquil sundown moment I have experienced.

Scenic Walk

Personal18 September 2017

Manly to Spit Bridge Scenic Walk.

Natural History Museum of London

Personal11 September 2017

Not your usual morning stroll location.


Personal11 July 2017

A selection of my favourite captures from our little wander about in Westminster.

The Motherland

Personal2 June 2017

While a part of me prefers the vast landscapes, beaches and golden sunlight in Australia, something about Hong Kong feels like home. It’s slightly uncomfortable but it feels familiar.

Liverpool and Bank

Personal19 April 2017

There is no lens wide enough and no string of eloquence capable of transferring the scenic and emotional experience to one that simply has not visited the United Kingdom save for their popular culture sensitivity in appreciating films like Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter.